How to Read / Write Telugu in Mac OSX

Indic fonts do not automatically show up in any of the browsers in Mac OSX. Probably Steve Jobs is not concerned about Indic languages, it's a joke, never mind.

So, you need to configure some settings. Here are the steps to read Telugu on a Mac.

1. Download the Mac version of Pothana font by clicking here.
2. Copy or place it in ~/Library/Fonts/ folder.
3. Restart your browser. Bingo! That's all you are supposed to do; to read a web-page which has telugu (Unicode).

I recommend you to install Padma (add-on) from here if you are using Firefox. It helps you read


Of course, you can write using Lekhini or you can also try out Pramukh Type Pad an amazing add-on for Firefox from Vishal Monpara.

I recommend you to ask etelugu at if you have any issues or even me at .

If not, check this out: (Source)

I know that I'm posting this as a forum topic. But I'm expecting admins to link this post in the helpcenter .
I would also recommend admins to store the ttf file I have mentioned above in etelugu's server, as the source server seems not very much active.

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