How to Read / Write Telugu in Windows 2000

Windows 2000 belongs to the Windows family of operating systems. If your Computer has Windows 2000 OS, please follow the below given steps to enable Telugu in your system

  1. Make sure that your Internet Explorer version is latest. At least 6.0. (open Internet Explorer, Click on Help in top menu and then click on "About Internet Explorer" to see the version of Internet Explorer); If the version is not 6.0 or more then you need to upgrade it from this Microsoft link.
  2. Now we need a font. Download pothana2000 font from here and unzip. Place pothana2000.ttf file in c:\windows\fonts directory.
  3. Now download this file and unzip to get usp10.dll. Place this file in "c:\program files\Internet Explorer" folder.

That's it! Now you can read Telugu on windows 2000.

You can use any of the below softwares to write in Telugu

If this article did not help you resolve the Telugu related issue in your system, please write to by giving the following information.
1. Your operating System
2. Browser name and version
3. Explain your issue in as much detail as possible. This helps us to help you quicker and better.

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